~*Team Ricci*~

Some fun facts about us!

*We are high school sweethearts.

*We started dating in 1999.

*Our dating anniversary is February 7, 1999.

*Scott is exactly 9 months older than me. 
*Our birthdays are essentially the same, numerically speaking. 01-06-83 for Scott and 10-06-83 for me... Kinda creepy!

*Scott is a Capricorn & I'm a Libra. I don't even know if they are "technically" compatible, but I really don't care bc I know it works for us.

*We got engaged on June 24, 2005 in Niagara Falls, Canada. 

*We are complete opposites in many many ways. This can sometimes be extremely irritating, but it's also fun at times and can keep things interesting too.

*Scott's a  huge Florida Gators fan. His uncle Rich went to UF and he's been a big fan since.        
*Scott is a retail manager for Best Buy. He started with the company right out of high school, in 2001.

*I'm a teacher and am in my 9th year of teaching. I currently teach kindergarten, although I have taught 2nd grade (4 years) and 1st grade (3 years) as well. I'm now in my 2nd nonconsecutive year in K.  I teach at the elementary school I went to, in the town I grew up in!

*We got married on July 6, 2007 and went to Hawaii for our honeymoon. 

*We are huge kids at heart!

*We have vacationed in Disney World over a dozen times together and became Disney Vacation Club (DVC) members the summer we got married. It enables us to go on vacations every year, not just to Disney, although we typically keep going back. It's not just for kids! ;)

*We have a bar in our basement (Scott's dad designed and built it as a Christmas/Bday gift to Scott the year we moved into our current house).

*We both LOVE kids and can't wait to become parents to children of our own some day!!

*Scott is referred to as "The baby whisperer" by some of our friends. He has gotten babies to calm down and stop crying. We've been out in public and babies/toddlers will just start smiling and staring at him. It's kind of strange, but also very sweet. It's like they're drawn to him. 

*Our work schedules are near opposite. Retail hours and school hours rarely coincide. While my days off are always weekends, holidays, and summers (...snow days, too!), those are often his busy or mandatory times. Scott's days off are rarely predictable, never guaranteed, and 99% of the time are weekdays. His shifts are never predictable either, and typically he either closes (getting home around 11pm when I'm asleep) or works a mid and is home just after dinner time, between 8 and 9. This makes it very hard to have dinner together, so I rarely cook since I'm usually alone. 

*Scott has blue eyes & I have brown.

*There's a U2 song called "The Sweetest Thing" and one lyric says "Blue-eyed boy meets a brown-eyed girl, woa-oh-oh, the sweetest thing." 

*Scott is the first and only boy I've ever kissed.... yup, some think it's super corny, and I've certainly been made fun of for it. But, in all honesty, I really don't care. :)

*Our initials are the same: S.R. I like finding couples who have the same first initials. We know quite a few! 

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