Saturday, July 6, 2013

Myrtle Beach~ Part 2:

So I left off on the last post (Wed morning) about how we might try and venture to the pool if it looked nice. It was nice and sunny here, so we got our pool gear, and were ready to leave. The pool is a few minute drive down the road, in the back of the development. As we are headed there, I notice the sky is no longer sunny in that direction, but SUPER dark. Awesome. So we keep driving, and sure enough, it starts to rain 30 seconds before we pull in to the pool area.  Why do we keep having this luck? Who knows- totally ridiculous. We got out to check out the area anyway (nice pool, of course!) and when it started pouring, we looked at each other, laughed, and went back to the house. 

Plan B was to just go out and do something, but Scott was suddenly feeling pretty tired. So I showered and we decided to take it easy because it seemed like he was coming down with something. After we decided to lay low and once I had showered, the skies cleared and it turned into a *Beautiful* day.... Grr. So ironic, seriously. Ha! We were starving, so went out to grab some lunch and by then, Scott was really out of it. Headache. Sore throat. Fever. Body ache.... Sick. When we were back with our food, he could barely eat it and his head felt so hot. He had just been to the Dr 2 weeks ago for similar symptoms and was on a z-pack, but it was coming back. Thankfully, his Dr was able to call something into a local pharmacy since he was just there (after waiting about an hour for the office to call back), but it was something! We were going to stop in at a local clinic but they didn't take our insurance. So thankfully that worked out and he was feeling better just with the ease of mind that medicine was on the way. We went to pick it up around 4 (hadn't done anything all day bc of the weather and then he was sick), and then we were able to still take part in our planned Wed night festivities. 

We had gotten tickets for a local baseball game, the Myrtle Beach Pelicans (farm team of the Texas Rangers), and went with Scott's parents and a bunch of their friends/their families. Scott took it easy and I kept checking in with him but knew he was okay and we were laying low. Before the game, we ate at a pizza place called The Mellow Mushroom. Super cute atmosphere and amazing pizza!! Mom R and I split one called the Kosmic Karma, which was mostly veggies with red sauce and pesto. It was DELICIOUS!! 
Main sign out front 

$3 happy hour beers at the bar

Kosmic Karma Pizza: red sauce, mozzarella cheese, feta, Roma tomatoes,sun dried  tomatoes, mushrooms, banana peppers, spinach, and drizzled pesto.Sounds  weird but Mmm!!
Here are some pics from the Pelicans game...
Great seats!! 

There was a fireworks display after the game, but with Scott feeling iffy, we left in the top of the 9th inning and came home to skip that part, especially knowing we would see some on the 4th.

Now this brings us to Thursday, the 4th of July! Good ol' Independence Day! Happy 234th birthday, America!! We took our time in the morning and went to the Myrtle Beach State Park to walk some nature trails that led to the beach. We got here just in time because it was SO crowded with the holiday, that they turned away cars about 5 cars after us. Phew! It then took about 40 mins to get to park from the main entrance because of the slow crawl of traffic moving in. It's funny because we said how we avoid Bear Mt and other state parks at home on the holidays, yet here we were right in the tourist mix. Haha. We walked the trails and ended up walking the beach/a pier for a bit, then came back. Here are some pics from the park, which really was beautiful...

FINALLY enjoying some nice weather!!! 

I was really mad that I didn't think to bring stuff to stay and swim/lay out. It wasn't too crowded on the beach and seemed like a safe area. I had left my sneakers on the sand and this was as far in as I could go. Oops. Still enjoyed it tho!

It's hard to see, but there are old bomber planes flying above. They did a salute from the shore holiday fly-by. 

Up on the pier, an old fisherman had caught this baby sand shark. He was holding it out to show a family and I happened to be walking by too. I was too afraid to touch it, but it was cool to see up close. He threw it back in, but it's crazy to think they can be this small and this close to the shore. Eek!!

Brian is a "ninja monkey" as I called him the other day. He will climb any tree. I didn't go up as far, obv. 

Later on, we got ready and went to a BBQ of friends down the street (with the gang who was at dinner/baseball game). We hung out there eating, drinking, socializing, and playing corn hole. We had planned to go back to Broadway at the Beach for fireworks but after relaxing and having fun here, we didn't want to chance the crowds or parking, so stayed at the house. 

Me and Scoot <3 

Scoot & his mom

Playing corn hole. 

Happy 4th!! 
Ill update the last leg of the trip later on! Today is our anniversary, and last day, then we head back home tomorrow. 

Catch y'all later! :) 

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