Saturday, February 15, 2014

~*Young Love*~

February is special because of Valentine's Day, but before that came our dating anniversary, and we just celebrated 15 years together!!! (*That's HALF my life!!!*)

Here's a little trip down memory lane... <3

*High School Sweethearts. February 6, 1999~ Winter Semi-Formal, held at Cullum Hall on West Point (US Military Academy, in West Point, NY). We both grew up in neighboring towns, and our high school housed the WP kids, so all of our formals were on WP property, which are all elegant venues where lots of weddings are held. We danced all night together at the formal, and these were our 1st pics together from that night. (I am big in scrapbooking~ haven't created much in a while outside of digital photo books, but I have 2 HUGE binders of our first 6 or 7 years together! That's where I found these little gems!)

*Scott asked me out the next day, on the phone... 2/7/99. <3

*Some of the early years, and the story and importance of 11:11. I love how one of the middle pics is so us~ I'm doing school work in class, taking notes... and Scott's goofing off. Typical!

*One of my favs of us~ I remember almost the exact moment. We were on our senior class trip, 2001, to Disney World. This was at Hollywood Studios (then, MGM Studios), near the Star Wars ride, while we were waiting to meet up with a group of friends. :)

*I went away to college, about 2 hours north of home, in Albany, NY. We would see each other on weekends whenever we could, but Scott would come visit every so often. While in college, I joined the Student Events Board and became Chair of Semi-Formals. This pic was from the first event I planned, at Franklin Plaza, a gorgeous hotel in Troy, NY.

*We became high school sweethearts in 10th grade, stayed strong through my 4 years away at college, and got engaged after I graduated, in June of 2005, in Niagara Falls, Canada. We got married 2 years later, on July 6, 2007. We're just celebrated 15 years of being together, and now are coming up on our 7-year wedding anniversary in a few months.

*Saving the best for last... Scott's main Christmas gift for me, this past Christmas. It's a photo of Neuschwanstein, a castle that we visited in Germany (and a Disney castle, as it inspired Cinderella's castle). Scott wrote his own quote at the bottom, which reads "Team Ricci: For every obstacle we face, for every challenge that comes forward. We will persevere as long as we have each other to lean on!" It's a good reminder that, although we may be boring at times (15 years and being 10000% comfortable with each other), we can and will make it through anything together because we are a team! I love you, Scott. <3

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