Sunday, June 5, 2016

Bumpdate~ Weeks 29 & 30

Ahh, I got so far behind on updates! Sorry! We've been back and forth with moving preparations so the last few weeks totally got away from me somehow. I'll try to keep them brief and catch you up quickly. 

Week 29: (May 11- 17)

Me this week-

I started off the week with my glucose tolerance test! I was supposed to get it done ag my week 28 checkup a few days prior, but I had been sick again so they told me to wait a few days. I arrived at the office when they opened and drank the glucose drink within a few mins. The nurse told me to wait an hour and then come back to the lab to beg my blood drawn. The drink wasn't so bad! A few friends said it tasted like flat soda and that was absolutely all it seemed like. Mine happened to be lemon-lime flavored, so it was like a sugary/flat/slightly thicker version of 7-up or Mountain Dew. I somehow stupidly assumed the blood draw was just one vial but it ended up being more like 3-4. I was a little weak and woozy for a bit afterward but thankfully my results came back in the normal range so all is good! :)

I think week 29 was pretty much a relaxing, low-key week. The weather was beautiful and unusually cool for mid-May, but totally worked for me! :) 

Over the weekend, I went to a family party and also got to hang with Linzy! She currently lives in TX but came back home for a long visit. She did our maternity pics (more on that in a later post!) & she also did them for my friend, Kortney, who is due any day now. She did those pics by the river in Beacon so I went to hang out and just watch. Linzy has been super supportive of our TTC journey over the last few years and this was the first time she got to see the belly in person! :) 

My class went on a field trip to Boscobel this week, and my FAV part is this gorgeous view. :) 

Weekly pose pic :) 

Sometimes, depending on the outfit, my belly looks so big! :) I happened to catch it while walking by a mirror and just paused and smiled. Love this bump (& baby!) so much! :) 

Bee this week-
Little Bee is the size of an acorn squash (or a pineapple??) this week. Every app/website is different and shows different sizes and produce each week, so if gets confusing now. Either way, Bee is growing & moving lots more now. :)

Fun facts on Bee this week:
Bee is plumping up and building fat deposits and energy this week. 
The baby sites say we should be getting the nursery ready by now... HA! I would have loved go get it done weeks ago but since we aren't moving until week 32/33, we are forced to wait. 
Baby is hiccuping more. :) 

Week 30: (May 18- 24)

Me this week-
As we know, I passed my glucose test! I didn't actually find out until a week later though. No news was good news but I wanted to be sure and finally called the office for results. Wahoo! :) 

Some days I feel big, some days I feel small. Either way, I love my baby bump!! 

Saw this sign in a shopping plaza and had to snap this! I always see them off on the side of the road where I can't stop to take a pic but this worked out nicely. Haha. :) 

Scott and I got to have lunch on the waterfront. My drink is just juices, no worries. ;) :) 

We met up with Linzy for our own maternity shoot during week 30. We met at Vanderbilt Mansion, in Hyde Park. It's a gorgeous historical site and has beautifully landscaped grounds and gardens. We went just before sunset and got some awesome pics! A few sneak peeks are in this post but I'll eventually make a post of more highlights. Thank you so much, Linz!! <3

Scott isn't a huge fan of photo shoots but agrees if there's a little person there to hang out with. Linzy brought her daughter along and they became best buds pretty quickly. :) 

Sneak peek collage I made... Eek! :) I just love her work! 

One I snapped at sunset. And I love the quote because it's true that we all need to stop and realize we have SO much to be thankful for on a daily basis. Something as simple as a beautiful sunset or a hot meal are enough to be thankful for. 

Our room got a bit of a makeover this week! Scott took our bed apart to make moving easier, we sold my dresser (our set is becoming the guest bedroom set and we don't need all the pieces), and he moved the TV. It's starting to feel like a dorm room but is exciting!! It means we're getting closer to moving!! 

Fun countdown during week 30 :) 

One of my cousins sent me this as a sweet gift for Bee! How sweet is this saying on the onesie?!! I love it!!! Thank you, Cheryl!! Xoxo 

Another sneak peek :) 

Occasional heartburn still, but not too often and nothing a Tums can't fix.
My feet are swelling more and more, especially by the end of the school/work week. 
I'm slowing down each week at Zumba and just in general; shortness of breath, getting tired more easily, etc. 
Peeing A LOT- haha!
But I still wouldn't trade it for the world- it's been an incredibly amazing experience! 

Bee this week-
10 weeks to go!!! (Give or take!). Ahhh!!!

Bee's movements have become more like waves and rolls largely, rather than kicks and jabs. He's getting bigger and it's obvious when Scott and I feel movements in different parts of my belly. It's the cutest! He's usually more active at night and sometimes reacts to me running or patting my belly a bit. :) 

Fun facts:
Bee's skin is getting smoother. 
He is strong enough to grasp a finger! :) 

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