Monday, November 18, 2013

Hoot, Hoot!

It's official.... Newest member of the Origami Owl team right here!! :)

I bit the bullet and joined the consultant/designer team tonight! I've been in touch with the designer who did my party, Lindsey, and was excited about the idea of joining, so jumped right in! I'm super excited to represent this company and share my story with others, while helping them to create custom jewelry that fits their own unique stories. You get to pick your own name for your personal corner of the site, and I chose Wish Upon a Star... Stars are bright, they sparkle, guide you through darkness, and you can wish upon them. I thought that fit me pretty well, huge dork that I am! Plus, it's a Disney reference of course! <3

The best part.... I have my 1st party booked already!! My friend, Kortney, signed up to host a party, and Lindsey passed it on to me as my 1st one (thanks!)... so in 2 weeks I'm jumping in head first for my official launch! Ahh!! :) :) Scott won't be too thrilled with this part, but it means I get to do a little shopping! A successful seller needs cute accessories to spiff up and decorate her display table! So if you know of any cute owl-themed accessories/decorations/etc, send the info my way! I'm always looking for a good bargain (and super cute stuff!). 

What is Origami Owl? 

If you're not familiar with the Origami Owl jewelry line, here's a little background. No, it is not jewelry made from paper, and no it does not resemble origami, and it's not all about owls.  Found from a compilation of different sites from a Google search,...

 "Two years ago, 14-year-old Isabella "Bella" Weems told her parents she wanted a car for her 16th birthday. Her parents made a deal with her. If she wanted to create a business and earn the money, they would match her investment. With $350 in babysitting earnings and $350 from her parents, she invested in some clear lockets. She called them Living Lockets. Customers could customize by choosing charms to place inside the lockets. Weems named her business Origami Owl and got to work designing and selling lockets and sharing her goal with others." 

Origami Owl is most known for their lockets... but they also sell regular necklaces/charms, and just launched a bracelet version of the lockets. No two necklaces are the same, as you choose what tells your story and what speaks to you. You could essentially buy one locket with different charms and mix/match with different outfits or seasons.  The possibilities are endless and it's a fun way to let your creativity shine. 

Where does the name Origami Owl come from?

"Founder Bella Weems has always loved origami. She's had it hanging from her ceiling since she was a little girl. It's a perfect representation of the lockets. Each person folds in their own way, so all have unique characteristics. That's the signature of Origami Owl jewelry. No two are exactly alike. Owls represent wisdom, strength, and courage. When they put the name Origami Owl together, Bella and her mom, Co-Founder Chrissy Weems, loved the way it sounded. They loved the meaning even more." 

If you're interested in buying, contact me for details about my direct shopping link! :)


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