Saturday, November 9, 2013

What Not to Say...

Let's face it, most people are guilty of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Sometimes it's meanness, but sometimes it's truly not intentional. Many people are naive to the fact that millions of couples cannot get pregnant easily, or naturally. 

All that aside, I stumbled upon the following article from The Bump. It's basically 13 top things NOT to say to someone trying to conceive. I can honestly say I have heard most of these from other people. The most popular are "Just relax." and "Stop trying so hard." While sometimes this was meant from a sincere heart, they certainly don't help. It's impossible to relax when baby-making is all that's on your mind, and you need to try in order for it to happen. In a weird twisted sense, I'm thankful the days of taking my temperature and checking for ovulation on a daily basis are behind me, because a full year of that was not fun in the least. Not needing the stupid basal thermometer or buying ovulation strips anymore is a pretty big relief (hey, it's the little things that count, right?!). 

Right, back on topic. Here's the article. It's more like a slideshow of 13 things not to say. It'll only take a few mins to click through....

The Bump~ What NOT to say

There, now you are in the know. You just never know when you might come across someone who's stressed out from trying, so try to keep this article in mind. I'm certainly not pointing fingers at anyone here, I'm sure I would be guilty of it as well if I was on the opposite side of the fence. All you want to do is offer advice, support, and hope, so some of these are attempts at that, and that's ok. But going through 2 years of it, finding out you can only have a shot at pregnancy with medical assistance, and hearing those things, just doesn't help. 

I honestly had a good laugh at most of these... gotta find sick humor in things sometimes. :) 

"Just relax and stop trying".... HA.... sadly, not until a Team Ricci baby is born and home from the hospital will I truly be able to relax 1000000%. 

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