Sunday, January 26, 2014

*~*Sunshine Award*~*

This is something different, exciting, and fun! I've been nominated for a Sunshine Award!! <3

Nina, over at nominated me for a Sunshine Award & sent me a message on Instagram to notify me! I have to admit, at first I had NO idea what this was... I thought maybe it was just a cute & happy little icon/sticker you could send people on social media. I also assumed she had just sent it to everyone on her list. I linked to her page and read that it was an award "granted by women in the infertility community to fellow bloggers whom they feel bring sunshine to their lives!" She was nominated by someone else, who chose 5 nominees (Nina being one of them), and then she posted a series of questions for her nominees to answer through their blog. Nina answered, nominated 5 people, and posed different questions. Upon looking at her blog, I realized I really was just 1 of 5 selected... and a HUGE smile formed on my face. How sweet, thoughtful, inspiring, humbling, and just plain cool! I'm constantly amazed at the audience we reach on here. I often joke and say I'm glad my mom & aunt aren't the only ones reading this. Although, that would have been perfectly fine because I did not start blogging for followers,  I started it for my own sanity in sorting through this difficult journey, BUT it's always a great feeling when you know someone has read your post, connected with it, shared it, and maybe even helped someone along the way. I've been getting occasional emails from people who have been following, and it's just always so so sooooo nice to hear the support that's out there. We truly appreciate it SOO much.

So, back to Nina... THANK YOU for your nomination. The little things in life excite me, so I'm thrilled to be chosen for something like this. A handful of people have told me I am a source of sunshine, positivity, and feelings of the like, and it's always a heart-warming feeling. To hear it from someone I am just getting to know through social media, is just amazing to me, and I'm so thankful our paths have crossed. Nina is an avid blogger and posts almost every day. I'm so glad you made your blog public, my dear, because you shouldn't hide or filter what you want to say. Freedom of speech!! I love your style of writing, your honesty, and everything you have to say. Big hugs!!

(This reminds me of those online/aol survey questionnaires people used to send around in emails when I was in HS!)

Here are the answers you've been waiting so patiently to read! ;)

1. Did you always want to be a mother?

Absolutely. Without a doubt, yes. I don't recall childhood fantasies about a dream wedding, or being a mom, but I've always loved kids and just never even though about the possibility of not. I've always wanted to be someone's mommy, rather than the Aunt, the babysitter, the teacher, or other "motherly figures". I'm ready for my turn.

2. At this moment, do your bra and underwear match?

(HAHA... too funny!) Not quite... most things in my wardrobe don't match. I like too many different colors and patterns, that I rarely buy things in matching sets. My dad is likely to read this at some point, so I won't give a visual description of anything specific, but nope, don't match. WOOP, WOOP, WOOP (My dad always used to yell that when walking through the lingerie department of the local Macy's in the mall with me.... We had to walk through it to get to the mall, and it became a joke because it was always awkward for each of us, and we still laugh about it to this day, so I had to throw that in there!)

3. Do you believe in soul mates?

Absolutely! I sincerely believe with all my heart that Scott & I were meant to be together. There are lots of random fun facts in our relationship of different subtle signs and hints that point to us being together. Some may think that's just plain silly, but to me it just makes perfect sense!! From being born exactly 9 months to the day after he was, to our birthdays having the same numerical value (01-06-83 vs 10-06-83), to being complete yin yang opposites of each other in fun ways that won't break us, or make us work better, to our childhood homes being directly across the river from one another (his childhood home had a window above the sink that literally faced a castle right down the street from my house), to all kinds of other things... I just know it was meant to be and can't picture my life with anyone else. I sometimes wonder how different decisions or events in our lives could have changed the outcome, but it kind of all comes back to us in the end and I just believe in fate & couples being meant to be. On the other hand, I do have quite a few single friends who aren't finding their soul mates though, and that makes me sad... so I do wonder about it for everyone. Maybe we were just really lucky, idk?

4. What show is returning this month that you are excited to watch? Why?

Hmm... this is a tough one because I always have so many favorites and can never narrow things down to 1 fav... so I think I have to give you 2! Once Upon a Time... and Grey's Anatomy!! Once Upon a Time because I'm such a dreamer, love all things Disney, I'm a sucker for fairytales, imaginations, etc. I am dying to know how it's going to pan out and what's going to happen next!! I have a friend who's not caught up yet because his wife is deployed and they're waiting to watch when she's back this summer, so I won't say what's been happening.. but dammit I hate waiting weeks or months for my fav shows to come back! I love Grey's because, well, what's not to love? I always love the storylines and am dying to know what is going on with April's wedding and the love triangle there (shocker!!), and the show always has great music. I've watched it for years and just love it... Both shows are on ABC, ironically, and both have great quotes too that I often write down and save.

5. Do you have a predetermined limit for when you no longer will TTC?

This is honestly something we haven't talked about, nor thought about (at least I haven't... I don't know for Scott). It's an interesting point though. When we first started TTC 2 years ago exactly, you obviously assume, wish, pray, hope, and expect that it will happen naturally and easily ("doesn't it for everyone?"~ stupid & naive thoughts of mine back then... my, oh my, how I've changed and grown over these past 2 years!). I never thought we would be where we are now, still just us in this big beautiful (& empty) home of ours, but I've never thought about a limit because I don't want to give up on our dream, ever. Obviously, if money became a factor and we had gone through attempt after attempt, and the bank was running on empty, with no support in sight, we might have to call it quits or come up with an alternate plan... but until we get there, I will keep pushing forward with my eye on the finish line... being in the hospital with a healthy baby safely in our arms. I won't give up anytime soon and pray that we won't have to make those decisions.

6. Name a personal quirk that drives your partner crazy.

Oh, lord... I know a LOT of quirks that drive Scott crazy... maybe it would be easier to name something that doesn't drive him crazy?! lol, kidding. Hmm... Maybe the fact that I either don't listen fully, or interrupt him, when he's talking. (OOPS!) I do this countless times, again and again, and it's not intentional. Sometimes I wonder if I have ADD because my brain is NEVER quiet, ever. I always have a zillion things running around in my mind and when I ask him something, I'm often thinking ahead to the next thing, rather than stopping to listen and fully process or remember what he said. I often ask him the same question 5x because I can't remember. It's not a memory issue, it's really all attention and me just being go-go-go. Same goes for interrupting, I'm constantly fumbling for the next words, or am so adamant about getting my point across that I jump in. Sorry hunny ;) And PS there are so many other quirks that irritate him, but at the end of the day, we really do love each other!

7. If I try to friend you on Facebook, will you pretend not to have one?

Of course not! I have to admit, I went off fb for a long time, like a year and a half, and it was liberating and WONDERFUL!! I honestly hate so many things about fb (sorry, Zuckerberg!) and didn't miss the drama one bit... but I am back on now because of Origami Owl. I have a business page and then had to make a personal page too (Stace Ricci), against my will, so that I could be included on team group pages for O2 as well. I knew people would find me like hawks immediately, and I dreaded that... so I put posts up from the beginning about how I'm really ONLY on there for business promotion. I will accept friend requests and like when people follow to spread word on the business end (all proceeds go to our baby/fertility fund so it's a great cause!!), but I honestly try to hide everything from my feed, I don't look at anyone's profiles, walls, posts, whatever unless they contact me about Origami Owl. So, long story short, I would gladly accept you, but please don't take offense that I'm only on there for business. IG is my preferred outlet for all the other stuff. :)

8. Do you worry more about the appearance of your body or your face?

Hmmm... tough one, kind of depends on a few factors. I consider myself to have pretty low self esteem and self confidence, although I have to say it's finally starting to get better. It depends on the day, depends on my mood, depends on if I'm breaking out or not, depends on if my hair is up or down (I feel prettier when it's down/straight), depends on my outfit, depends on if I've worked out or eaten decent, and loads of other thoughts. I've NEVER been the type to wear makeup~ I just never really learned how to apply it correctly, I don't know enough about it, and never had the time to bother. So that's part of the reason I often look like I'm 12... lol. If my hair is down, I feel prettier, more confident, and that I look a little older (maybe 18, lol)? I've always been critical of my self image. I hate seeing pics of me in middle school because adding braces and bad hair days in the mix, I often think I looked like a boy and cringe at the pics... so I sometimes feel like the ugly duckling... I think I was super cute when little, hit the awkward stage for a long time, somehow Scott saw past it all and thought I was beautiful in 9th/10th grade (thankfully because I probably wouldn't have talked to a boy otherwise for a long time, ha!), and then I only started to become a little more confident in college, and then more-so a few years back when I got into zumba and started to see my body change more, and endorphins helped with good moods, and I now am comfortable with myself on *most days. I'm not as self conscious anymore. I also have a noticable birth mark next to my nose that has given me quite a few stares and looks over the years (mostly when I was younger bc it was bigger on my face), and kids always notice it and ask, but I'm kind of over it now and usually see past it as if it's not even there anymore... but when others stare or look at me funny, I always think there must be something awfully wrong with me, maybe I spilled something, stepped in something, have something embarrassing taped to my back, idk. I'm getting better with it as I age and finally look a little closer to my age sometimes. That helps ;)

9. What do you most look forward to as a mother?

SO many things; how do I choose?! I look forward to having constant company in the house, someone to keep me occupied on nights & weekends when Scott is working. I look forward to snuggles and cuddles, bedtime stories, singing songs & lullabies, walks around the neighborhood pushing a stroller, having someone to take care of, dress up, and play with. I look forward to teaching him/her all about the wonderful world around us (which can also be a scary place). I look forward to bonding time, being needed by someone so small, unconditional love, and so so soooo much more! I also REALLY look forward to watching Scott snap into fatherhood instantly... he's going to be such an amazing daddy!! <3

10. If fertility and money were of no consequence, how many kids would you have?

2. Scott and I used to debate about this, but we've agreed on 2. I used to want 3 because I wanted one more in my family. It's me and my older brother, Mark. He's 5 1/2 years older than me, so although we were close when I was younger and it was really cool having an older/protective brother, I wish we were closer in age to do more together, so I always wish there were another sibling in the mix. An additional person to talk to/turn to for advice, an additional person to make our family bigger, additional nieces & nephews, etc. Scott always wanted 2. I kept saying 3. We like to go to amusement parks together and often you must have an equal number of riders, usually sets are in groups of 2. One day, many years back, we were on line for a roller coaster behind a family of 5 (3 children). The ride could only take sets of 2, so someone was ALWAYS left out... whether it was one of the parents, or one of the kids... it was always someone alone. In that moment, as silly as it was, I turned and went "fine, you win... 2 it is." Now, don't get me wrong, if we are ever fortunate enough to be blessed with 3, then so be it, we will gladly accept and I'll even offer to sit out on the rides just to know that we have the family we are meant to have some day.

Phew... that was a lot! It was fun though!!

Ok, in the spirit of keeping things rolling, I'm nominating 5 more to play along if they'd like. Here are 5 more fellow bloggers & TTC sisters who bring sunshine to my life!!

In no particular order, drum roll please...


Just some random Qs that came to mind (or were borrowed)!

1. How/where/when did you & your hubby meet?
2. How did your husband propose?
3. What is one of your favorite quotes?
4. Who are some of your favorite musical artists?
5. Where is your favorite vacation spot?
6. What are you most looking forward to about being a mommy?
7. How many children do you want (if fertility, money, & time weren't factors)?
8. What 3 foods are your weakness that you either crave or can't live without?
9. What are your 3 favorite clothing stores?
10. What are some of the best life lessons you've learned?


  1. Yay! Congrats on your award :) I am so honored that you nominated me and cannot wait to answer my questions and pass on the award! I love you and love following your journey, sweet friend <3

  2. Yay! I'm glad you found some time to complete the questions. You're going to be such a wonderful mother! I'm excited for you and Scott to move forward with you next steps!