Monday, January 25, 2016

Pregnancy Reveal Pics

Our Pregnancy Reveal Pics
After waiting what felt like an eternity to finally be able to share our very special news with all of you ourselves, we I wanted to take a million fun pics to announce our big news in a fun way. I drive Scott nuts with my love obsession for fun photography ideas and had seen zillions of adorable ideas on the Internet. I would spend hours on Pinterest pinning a million ideas onto secret pregnancy boards. Then I would text most of them to our friend Manny, who drove up from Maryland to take them for us. We would get in the zone of suggesting lots of other ideas and then Scott would jump in with a veto. (He hates pics and I have to practically beg or bribe him to take pics with me. He joked with us and said we could do 10 pics only... as in 10 shots/attempts and that was it. Obviously/Thankfully he was kidding but basically Manny and I needed to narrow down some ideas and have somewhat of a plan so we weren't doing pics all day long. 

Manny drove up the weekend after Scott's birthday (the week before we announced) so it was a perfect double-intention visit. We drove up to Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park to take the outdoor pics below. Vanderbilt is an old historical site in the area and it's absolutely beautiful. Ironically, we've only visited in the dead of winter but I bet the gardens are beautiful in the spring. There's some neat architectural/photographic spots there that I had wanted to use once Scott picked the site. We probably spent about 2 hours there and although it was getting cold and starting to drizzle near the end, Scott was a great sport and it was actually a lot of fun!! :) THANK YOU, MANNY!!! His work is amazing- check out his website for more samples of his work and check him out if you're currently in the area of Frederick, MD. (Click the link to go to his site.)

So, here we go- Enjoy! :) 
The 1st 3 were ones we took on our own and I edit with apps on my phone. Then come all of Manny's (as if you couldn't tell the difference, haha)

(A Disney onesie that says "Best Day Ever!")

The top banner says "Team Ricci" and the bottom says "Summer '16" <3

(I forgot to edit/write something on the board)

Some of our props :)

Thankful hubby did such a great job :) I Love You, Scoot!

(What I used to announce on Instagram) :)

These ones were fun to shoot... Grabbed lots of junk haha :)

Beer for Scott, Wine for me, Milk for Baby

Papa, Mama, and Baby... ha!


  1. I love all of the pictures! Can't wait to see your weekly updates/baby bump pictures! Xoxo