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Pregnancy Weeks 13 & 14... Chugging Right Along

Alright, alright, I'm already behind on baby bump updates- whoops! No excuse really other than laziness. :) But combining 2 weeks isn't so bad and then we're up to date again! ;)

Week 13: (January 20-26)
Me this week-
We made our official announcement at the very end of week 12, so technically 13 was right around the corner from that. It was SUCH a fun week at school and I had fun 4 pregnancy saying shirts for each day that week. Just now realizing I didn't take pics of them all on me that week but I will make sure I post them when I wear them again. Everyone at school (even the kids in my class) were anxious to see what the new shirt each day was so that made it fun! :)

Other than the fun of announcing to everyone that week (which was huge and fun every day), there wasn't much excitement that week otherwise. It finally snowed that weekend (first "real" snow this year... we've only gotten like a dusting or an inch prior) so we were semi-snowed in that Saturday and just took it easy. 

I've been feeling great and read that any nausea and exhaustion would start to go away at this point, the end of the first trimester. I've been SO lucky and blessed to not have nausea once. I've had a post-nasal drip-like thing going on since November and I'm always a bit congested but I read from a few reliable sources that extra estrogen can cause this to happen (I was on the shots and now obviously producing more) so I'm chalking it up to that. I also get headaches about 1x a week almost guaranteed and being only able to take Tylenol, which doesn't usually do the trick to be honest, I sometimes suffer from them because they are sometimes migraine-like. But if that's the worst of it, I can't and won't complain. Scott's been more than amazing and sometimes just having him home makes it start to feel better (weird but honestly true). We've found that sometimes McDonald's, as weird as it is, makes it go away (a McDouble & some fries from a particular place near us has the freshest food always and it's so not healthy but has either been a craving lately or a headache relief sometimes). 

Other than the headaches and congestion, I feel great. Tired still (took an hour and a half nap this week!) and almost always hungry (I'm always sneaking a handful or two of crackers, especially plain Goldfish crackers, in my mouth at school... hehe). But again, tired and hungry are kind of fun! Sleep and food- who doesn't love either or both?! 

I was also lucky enough to have 3 special deliveries to school that week!! The day I announced at school, 2 fruit arrangements arrived!! One from some coworkers and one from Scott (PROUD Daddy-to-Bee)!! The following day, Scott sent roses too. So cute. :) 


Super proud Daddy shirt. :) I have one that matches, in pink (and that says Mommy, of course!) <3

We found this before Christmas and got it on sale after. I have to admit I wasn't crazy about it at first but this was also before the Bee nickname, by chance. Then I absolutely loved it because of the double literal meaning. :) :) 

The end of week 13 is when Bee really started to POP and be visible to others!! We went to take this pic, I lifted my sweatshirt and we both went "WOAAAAA, hey belly!!" :) :) :)

Bee this week-
At 13 weeks, Bee is the size of a peach!! A sweet little peach! :) 

According to The Bump (which has a cool, free app I use), here are some fun facts. 

He/She has already started to form pretty much everything a functioning body needs and is literally a teeny little human and no longer resembles a gummy bear. This week, Bee is forming vocal cords and teeth... already has fingerprints... and his/her intestines are moving from the umbilical cord to their more permanent place in the tummy. 

Bee is now about 2.9 inches long and weighs about .81 ounces. Proportion-wise, his/her head is now about 1/3 the size of the body (it started off way bigger). 

Week 14: (January 27- February 2)
Me this week-
The end of week 14 is where we are currently and WE. STILL. CAN'T. BELIEVE. IT!!!!! :) :) :) It's honestly so so surreal. We will just have random moments where we'll be like "OMG... We're having a baby!!!!" or we'll be in the grocery store and I'll pass the baby aisle and go "Soon that'll be us"... but mostly just lots of random moments of shock where it's "WE are having a BABY!!" and we are just so ridiculously happy and over the moon about it. 75% of the time at home I'll rest one or both hands on my belly. If I/we are just relaxing and watching TV, chances are I'm just bonding with Bee and my baby bump. I often fall asleep that way too, and same for Scott. He will rest his hand on my belly in the same situations and I can usually tell by the look on his face that he's thinking about how happy this is and just taking it all in and soaking it up. 

As I said before, Bee's baby bump started to really pop just before 14 weeks. I'm also wearing whatever clothes I want, as opposed to trying to hide it like before we announced, but I do also think it's not just cheeseburgers and snacks anymore! ;) It's definitely noticeable to others now. 

I'm still feeling the same as before- occasional headaches, congested, and hungry. Less tired, which is great! I almost didn't even feel pregnant last week except for getting bigger. :) Let me clarify, less tired in general... but easily tired when walking a lot, or going up stairs, and especially at the gym. 

I've still been going to the gym on occasion. In the early weeks of pregnancy, the fertility Drs suggested I wait until we saw a heartbeat and then take it easy. Pretty much anything I've been doing consistently before pregnancy is fine to continue, along with low-key, low-impact exercises like walking, stretching, and prenatal yoga. So I've been to the gym a few times to walk on the treadmill (ok technically only twice so far but I'm working on that now that I'm not to tired!) and I've been back to Zumba on and off when it fits with my schedule. If it was up to me I would be there every Wed/Sun that my friend Marisol teaches, but occasionally things have come up and that's slowed me down. I've been doing Zumba for almost 6 years now and  usually have high energy in every class so it's SO funny to me now that I have to always modify and do low impact moves whenever possible because A) it's smarter to and/or B) because I'm just too winded to do anything else. It's hysterical to me because that's really where I feel a huge difference. It's also a wakeup call that I need to keep going and I need to add in more than just 1-2 classes a week. My goal is to at least walk a few times a week and/or stretch or do a prenatal yoga/pilates DVD I have. This is always easier said than done but I don't want to gain an unhealthy amount of weight OR set myself up for labor failure because I have no muscles to help push! 

I did go for a walk today if that counts! My back was so tight yesterday and last night that I feel like I just need to at least move around a bit each day so I walked around the block (it was 50 degrees and is supposed to be oddly warm this week so I'm taking full advantage) and then I did like 50 squats in the kitchen and I'll try to stretch a bit later too. I have to push myself to remember every little bit counts and it'll only help me more in the end. Luckily when spring and really nice weather finally arrive it'll hopefully help even more.

I've also recently developed a new love/hate relationship with clothes. I've begun to hate a lot of my current clothes (mostly all bottoms) because they're now too small. The first time I put on a pair of my regular pants and couldn't button them was a bittersweet experience. Mostly a sweet one because it's for the best reason ever, but also bitter because it's hard to accept that you can't fit into or button/zip your pants. I've been on the fine line of laughter and tears lately with clothes. Finding acceptable outfits for school was hard some days (I just want to LIVE in yoga pants or sweatpants and hoodies)... And then I discovered MATERNITY PANTS... God's gift to pregnant women!!

We walked into a maternity store after our last appt (the day we announced). I immediately confessed and admitted to the store employee that I had NO idea what I was doing/looking for but I desperately needed pants. Leggings/Skinny jeans... HELP! I quickly learned that your pre-pregnancy size is most likely your maternity size (HALLELUJAH!!- Way to make a woman gaining weight quickly feel good!) and went from there. She made my day by saying I was likely a small in pants, I tried a few one, was assured they would stretch through the pregnancy with me, and we were done and on our way. This was back at the end of week 12 but I forgot to post it then and in week 14, maternity pants are a Godsend. I love them and may continue to wear them post-baby, and for the rest of my life. haha. Mayyyybe not kidding! A good friend told me she often breaks them out each year on Thanksgiving too and I totally know why, respect and understand that, and will likely be joining her on that. The day I have to go back to buttons and zippers and non-stretch pants will likely be a sad day in the future. lol. I highly recommend a pair of maternity leggings for even those without kids because they're just so damn comfy and forgiving. They've re-boosted confidence if even just a bit! :)

(Amy found these stickers in her classroom and passed them on... so cute!!)

(My bump is more obvious in some shirts over others.) :) :) 
My FAV pregnancy product. This stuff feels amazing and is good for stretch-prone skin. Plus I LOVE the name :) :)  (Not even intentional- it was a gift from a friend.)

We got two of the sweetest gift boxes this week. The top left one is from my mom and was just for Scott- all Florida Gators themed baby stuff. He LOVED it!! A few days later, we got a package from Mark & Stacie (now first time Auntie & Uncle!!) with lots of fun baby goodies (a book, a frame with belly stickers, 2 sweet baby outfits, a Gators blanket, and a super soft and cozy bunny. LOVE it! Thank you all!! <3 <3 

Bee this week-
This week, Bee is the size of a lemon!! :) :)

Some fun facts from The Bump...

- 3.4 inches
- 1.5 ounces 
- Bee's probably thumb-sucking and wiggling his or her toes in there!
- Baby's kidneys are making urine, and the liver and spleen are doing their jobs too. 
- Has almost doubled in weight since last week and keeps on growing! 

I swear today (Feb. 1, 2016) I felt something I hadn't really before. On the way home from school it was almost like a light scratching feeling every so often about 2 inches below my belly button. It didn't hurt and it was actually kind of cool and comforting. I can't wait until we can see another ultrasound soon and until I can feel Bee kicking and moving around more in there! 

Our next actual ultrasound is at the end of the month, when we'll hopefully find out if Bee is a boy or a girl. Gladly accepting votes for Team Blue or Team Pink!! Leave a comment with your guess! :)

To close this week, I was packing up our leftover needles, syringes, and meds, and decided to make some art out of it. I've seen a few others do stuff like this and it's kind of a neat way to make the leftover needles fun. I sat on the kitchen floor and wrote out "Baby Bee", "Hope", "Love", and "#Team Ricci". This isn't even all of them but I ran out of steam after just doing a few before packing them up. 

Have a great week, everyone! Happy February (HOW did THAT happen!??). 


Stace & Bee 

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