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Bumpdate~ Weeks 24 & 25

Fun Fact~ Today marks 3 years since our blog went live!!! Thanks for supporting us along the way!! <3 #TeamRicci *Live-Laugh-Love*

Week 24: (April 6-12)

Me this week-
Week 24 was pretty non-eventful, but in the world of pregnancy that's not necessarily a bad thing! :)
I finally wore a shirt my BFF lent to me as her favorite maternity shirt and said is a must-wear. I had forgotten about it but as soon as I put it on I sent her a pic. I like taking comparison pics in the same shirt every few weeks (usually by accident), so I'l try to put this one on a few more times before Bee arrives.

I recently started using the app Timehop, which links to your social media accounts and shows what you posted on today's date in the past few years. It only works for the date of the day you check it. One day this week, this pic popped up from a local hike 3 years ago. Seeing pics of myself pre-pregnancy give me a new/deeper appreciation for how in shape I really was. I always picked on myself (still do!) and always think I am chubbier than I am. Looking back at these pics is a reminder that I looked great and I have to stop beating myself up. It'll also serve as a motivator post-baby body to bounce back into shape when the time comes. 

Babies R Us was practically our second home in weeks 23/24. Some of the big stuff on our registry was purchased by some of the grandparents and Scott & I went to pick it all up in different shifts. The way some of those items are boxed is insane! Even the largest of SUVs won't fit some of the furniture. We borrowed our friend's SUV, thinking the crib would fit no problem, and still had to take it out of the box in order for it to fit. It's now safely wrapped in blankets in my in-law's garage awaiting our big move to the new house sometime in late May (God-willing!!). It was stressful at the moment trying to figure out all the furniture pickup and car situations but being on the other end now, it's kind of funny and makes a good story! 

Some 24-week baby bump pics... :)

 Scott & I went to Sunday brunch at one of our fav restaurants in Poughkeepsie, Mill House Brewing Co. It was National Siblings Day, so Brian met us there and I took a pic of the 2 bros after we ate a realllllyyy yummy brunch. I finally tried Chickem & Waffles for the first time, officially at a restaurant. Yum!! :)

We then babysat for our friends & Scott got to play Daddy-in-training, which of course he loves. The baby whisperer in action. This sight always melts my heart and I can't wait to see him holding OUR OWN baby boy!!  :)

-Feet starting to swell a bit on really hot days. Trying to stay off them is very hard in a kindergarten classroom, but I try when I can!
-Very random/less frequent heartburn
-Hip aches at night, so finally bit the bullet and sleeping with pillows between my legs, while on my side (only way I can sleep now). I do miss sleeping on my belly, back, side, however I want. But flipping from side to side every few hours is working just fine, too! :)

Bee this week-
At 24 weeks, Bee is the size of a cantaloupe.
Some fun facts at week 24:
- Baby's skin is gradually becoming more opaque
- Every week, Bee gets closer and closer to being ready to survive in the real world.
- Kicks are getting stronger (Scott's finally been feeling them every so often!!)

Week 25: (April 13-19)

Me this week-
Time is FLYING by!!! It's crazy/scary how all the time we spent trying & waiting for Bee to come into our lives draggggged on like the slowest time ever, yet our months with him have been flying!! I know I say this all the time but it's bittersweet!! I'm overjoyed that he's almost here but I'm not ready for this experience to be over yet. I am incredibly thankful for it and am cherishing every bit of it. We don't know if it'll happen again for us in the future so we are acting as if it's our one and only shot because you never know what's coming around the corner. I've been getting a little emotional lately. 

This week was a big packing week. We hit a bump in the house-selling process but we seem to finally be back on track with that, thanks to lots and lots of hard work on Scott's behalf (he's pretty much a rockstar!). :) We have most of the house packed up in Scott's parents' garage about 10 mins away. We hope to be out in a few weeks and into the new house somewhere around the end of May. We'll be staying with friends in the in-between weeks. 

It was also a shopping week! My friend Kortney (also pregnant with her first child) told me about a local children's consignment sale. The sale was open to the public last Friday/Saturday but she had a flyer for the pre-sale on Thursday afternoon so we went together for about an hour or so after work. It was soooo cool! Overwhelming for sure, sensory overload, but so neat!! It's all second-hand things at discounted prices, but you get to weed through the stuff and decide for yourself what's worth it and not. Some things were overpriced, some things were amazing steals. Think of a yard sale with just kid stuff and no pressure from anyone to buy anything, all in a giant space. There were rows and rows of kids clothes, tables and tables of toys, baby gear, supplies, etc. I wanted to buy way more than I did but also knew I couldn't afford to go nuts just yet. Everything I bought had to be packed up and moved, so I stuck with smaller items (regret #1, in hindsight, although it made perfect sense). I did end up with the following (and all were great steals!!)...

Crib bedding set... 5 piece set for $25!!!!! (Normally a 3-4 piece set retails for $175ish, or more. A bumper alone is like $50-75ish.) This was a major score in many ways!! I completely love it for so many reasons. <3

Prior to seeing this, I had been back and forth on the theme for the nursery & our chosen bedding set. Initially we wanted Disney, hands down. We picked out a few adorable Pooh sets. Then I wanted a true boy theme and it was too neutral. So we went with Mickey, who we also adore. But I wasn't 100% in love with the actual pattern that Babies R Us had. It was super expensive (they all are) and I just didn't love everything about it. I kept looking at other sets at other stores online and liked pieces of some and not others, but nothing jumped out at what I wanted... However if you asked what I wanted, I couldn't explain. I just figured I would know if I saw it. A few people had already made comments how my theme seemed like 3 different things and I was starting to feel bad about it, although that's also me, indecisive and never can commit to one pattern of something. I had baby blue/polka dot pieces, nautical pieces, Disney pieces. It was all over the place. Until I can get in the nursery and start playing around, it's hard to design in your mind. Scott & I had even agreed to change it again last week to a totally different nautical set with sailboats. I was all over the map. 

Before going to the sale with Kortney, Scott mentioned I should skip the big equipment and clothing and just try to look for a bed set. I did just that and BAM, there was the most perfect set in all the colors I wanted but couldn't explain/describe. Baby blue, navy blue, aqua, and lime green. The ocean animals also fit well with the nautical stuff I picked out too (anchors & whales... anchors being a symbol of hope that have stuck with me through our infertility journey). I seriously still can't believe it was only $25 for the whole set. It included the main blanket, a bumper, mobile, dust ruffle, and a diaper stacker. I know babies can't have anything in the crib with them for a really long time but just excited to have been able to take a big expensive thing off the registry that doesn't need to be so much. The colors and theme are perfect. It's all washed & packed away already for Bee's nursery some day soon. :)

Next up is this crib piano/kick toy. It was $5!! It's an older model no longer available in stores but retails for around $25. 

This Tigger lovie was a must have because Tigger was always one of my fav Disney characters. He was $3 and is already washed as well. :)

This toy retails for $40 and I got it for $9!!! I've lately had a thing for baby blue elephants too so it was super cute for many reasons.

To no surprise, I had to get a Pooh Bear toy too! It just spins and makes noise but is so cute and has little bees around it on the colorful spheres. It was around $4 I think.

This frame was like $3.

 I also got a brand new minky blanket for just a few bucks & a baby Boppy/tummy time mat set for $5. In total, I spent around $70 and added up retail prices for what I could find. I estimated that it all would have been $250ish, or more, full price. I'm now totally hooked on the consignment deal for kiddo stuff and will be back for their fall sale! I wish I had taken advantage of the jumpers/bouncers/pack-n-plays there (even as backup sets to keep at grandparent houses) but now I know. Scott & I went back the next night to see what was left but all that stuff was pretty much gone. Lesson learned! We can go back in the fall for those because Bee will still be little and won't need them yet. All in all, it was SUPER fun and exciting!! :)

Over the weekend we were able to meet up with my dad for dinner. He had been complaining that he was only seeing belly bump pics so I told him we could get a pic of the bump and my face. :)

Bee & I are STILL going to Zumba, so far!! I'm getting slower each week or so, and it's getting harder, but I have been modifying as needed. Jumping is pretty much done for the most part, and traveling side to side in short/quick motions is the hardest. I laugh at the thought because I know what I used to do, so realizing the difference with specific moves we do all the time is funny!! Our class has a big age variety with people of all ages from 20s up to 70s, so all the older women have been SOOO sweet and kind to me. They always ask how I'm feeling, tell me to be careful, and ask how Mama is doing. They also compliment me on how well I'm still doing. I just say thank you and laugh about it, but it is sweet of them to notice and care. 

 One of the women surprised me with a gift of goodies for Bee last week. Out of nowhere, she said she had something for when he was born. I thought maybe she made a blanket or something, but was shocked when I opened the bag and saw about 5 outfits of different sizes!! I'm continuously shocked and amazed by the unexpected kindness of others.

We also got some more surprise gifts from both of Bee's grandmas this week!! :) Scott's mom picked up some cute bibs in different sizes & that were mommy/daddy themed. Eeek! My mom sent up a package of newborn outfits (coming-home outfit contenders!), a blue stuffed bear she's had since we started IUI cycles 2 years ago (she has a pink one & a tan one as well in case we had a girl or twins), and some stuff to help out with leaks during diapering. Thank you both!!!

I've always been a major foodie but being preggo definitely kicks that into high gear!!! I haven't had too many crazy cravings but ice cream is pretty much always on the acceptable list.  I could eat it any time, any day, every day. lol. :) We have a Rita's near us and their Italian ice, mixed with their custard, is SOOO yummy!! :) 

Some 25-week shots :)

-Occasional heartburn from time to time, but nothing consistent or crazy. A Tums always fixes it immediately when it comes about.
-Tailbone pain returned for a day or so again, out of nowhere! One night it was so bad I literally froze in one position because if I moved in any way it just was sharp pains. Scott helped me into bed and then I was better. We've been walking around the block and I've been trying to watch how I sit/lay down too.
-Laying on my side is the only way I sleep now, but it's funny because sometimes I can almost feel my belly pulling down so I have to sometimes prop it against a pillow so it doesn't feel weighted down.

Bee this week-
Bee is the size of cauliflower!! 
He is moving around more and is said to be the most active over these next few weeks or so. While there's still room left, I'll start feeling him more and more before things get cramped in there in another month. 
He's growing more fat & hair.
His sense of equilibrium has formed & now knows which way is up and which way is down!  (I notice when I shift sides in bed, I sometimes feel Bee move and squirm. Hence the equilibrium thing... he's probably shifting himself as I do the same. So cute!)

In case you haven't noticed, I've been averaging 2 weeks every post. It's easier to combine 2 and to find the time to do 2 at once. Sorry if I've made some of you nervous in the meantime not posting much. 

Next week, April 24-30, is National Infertility Awareness Week, or NIAW. This is a week near & dear to our hearts (for very obvious reasons) and I plan to take part in a few ways. I will have a few special blog posts along the way and also hope to raise awareness/offer support for those in both categories. If you want to support, one way you can do so is to wear pink & blue!! If you do, send me a pic!  :)

As always, thanks for reading & supporting us through this journey!!

Stace, Scott, & Bee

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