Sunday, June 30, 2013

*RoAd TrIp!!!!!!*

South Carolina-bound! We are currently on 295 South, on our way to Myrtle Beach for the week! Scott's parents have a vacation home down there, so Scott, Brian, & I are driving down and making a road trip out of it. Wahoo- 11 hour trip- yippee (sense the sarcasm?).. Haha, in all seriousness though, it's going well and we are almost out of Virginia.

So, of course I procrastinated and waited 'til last night to do all my packing. Scott did it earlier in the week (he needed to because of his work schedule; but also he could have it all done in 30 mins flat anyway), and actually I'm glad he wasn't home when I did pack, because it's embarrassing how long it takes me! First, I have to make sure all of the laundry is done so I have all of my clothes to choose from. Then, I have to try things on to make sure they still fit from last year  or look decent. Then, I need to narrow it all down because I ALWAYS overpack a ridiculous amount. We will be down here for 6 full days (not counting travel) and there is NO way I could have only picked 6 outfits. I prob have 2 outfit choices for each day, plus a few extras. I had to account for everyday wear, beach wear, Sundresses, pjs, etc. (Woops!) Here's what it all looked like laid out on our bed: 

I woke up at 4:30am this morn, and we were on the road at exactly 5:28am. We've stopped for bagels, and 2 bathroom breaks. Scott's driven whole way so far but I'll take over soon when he wants a break. Brian is holding down the fort in the backseat, along with the cooler and snacks. I packed a ton of food just so we wouldn't have to stop a lot for goodies. Here's just SOME of the fruit I prepped yesterday: 

That's watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, and pineapple. I also packed grapes, cherries, and some leftover berries. Talk about healthy snack prep! I also packed pretzels, granola bars, mini cookie snack packs, fruit snacks (the healthier/tastier kind, trail mix, and LOTS of PB & J sandwiches (like, a whole loaf's worth- haha!)... just a little excited perhaps? I'm trying to balance out all the massive amounts of junk food and alcohol I plan on consuming later in the week.... C'mon it's summer, on vacation, at a touristy beach spot, what else do you expect? (Sorry, Jess R, I will resume workout regime next week! This week is all about fun and relaxing, and visiting some really awesome restaurants.) 

This is our longest road trip (Niagara Falls had record before this) together. I've drive. To Florida with my fam when I was younger, but this is our first big trip. Also first time in Myrtle Beach! Wahoo! Lots of friends have visited before, so I'm excited about all there is to see, do, eat, and of course soak up the sun. (Thanks, Cara, for your AWESOME review of virtually everything MB!) 

I've been trying to take pics of every state sign on the way- got them all so far, but VA was blurry. I have to snap it from far away as we zoom by, then crop it and hope it comes out decent. I stupidly pictured big fun signs that we could hop out and take pics at (duh- Stace moment), and Scott was NOT thrilled at the thought of doing that, so thankfully for him that wasn't as possible as I thought it might be. Me and my ridiculous picture obsession. I'll call that photo OCD, photo obsessed, Instagram obsessed (@luvbug7607 if anyone is on and wants to follow). 

Ok, approaching North Carolina soon, so gonna sign off for now and give my phone a break. I'll try to post more in the week of our Team Ricci vacation travels!! 

Happy summer!!!! (Still in disbelief that summer is actually here... But don't blink or you might miss it!)

Haha... Will Smith's "Summertime" just came on Scoot's road trip playlist.. Nice timing!! Ahhh, excuse me while I relax and just soak in the moment. I suggeg you do the same and do something relaxing today/this week to enjoy all that summer has to offer!! =)

Xoxo <3 

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