Thursday, June 6, 2013

You've Got Mail!

This post is dedicated to all of the wonderful women in the IF (infertility) world who I have met through IG (Instagram). This may sound odd to some people, and honestly it's one of those things you kind of have to be involved in to fully understand, but I have made instant friends with lots of amazing gals from all over the world through one social media app on my phone. It started a few months ago when I would hashtag infertility on some of my pics. It was my way of slowly starting to open up to the world and the public about our struggles. It would start with #ttc (TTC means "trying to conceive" to all you lucky enough to not ever need to know or use that acronym) because it was simple and wasn't sharing too much info... then I started adding more like #infertility, #infertilitysucks, #notfair, things like that. I started searching for other pics tagged with the same # and started to find accounts of other girls facing infertility. The first one I started following was a girl in Australia (shout-out to you, G!) who would post quotes and things related to infertility. It was nice meeting someone who understood. From her account and the hashtags, I started finding other TTC-related accounts and started following them. Being infertile and finding another in the same boat just gives you an instand bond, it's hard to explain, it's just an automatic understanding and support. You suddenly feel like you have new bffs and you can all relate to the roller coaster of emotions. We can all have different interests and personalities but we are all bonded by one crazy detail in our lives and BAM, instant friends. Being able to read new quotes that apply to life's ups and downs, cheer on an infertility sister as she goes to yet another fertility doctor appointment or starts a new round of self-injections for baby-making meds, give support to those who have to read yet another negative pregnancy test, or congratulate those who are lucky enough to see a positive, it's all about support and love. 

Now just that would be enough support and positivity for me... but it doesn't end there. I started to realize that some of the girls were taking part in a "lucky sock exchange" and were paired up with other girls on IG to send a care package of goodies for love and support. The theme was around fun and funky socks ("lucky socks") to wear to Dr appointments, tests, or just because for good baby vibes. Other items sent were things like candy, nail polish, books, magazines, scarves, jewelry, you name it. I thought this was such an amazing gesture for people who were otherwise strangers outside of meeting online. I happened to get into the mix with a few of the girls I was starting to have frequent convos with, we exchanged email addresses (and sometimes even phone numbers so I now have new texting buddies), and we started shopping for little goodies to send to one another just because~ to thank each other for their support in our journey, or to cheer them on in their own journey. It's amazing. I'm blown away every time a card or package shows up in the mailbox. Wow. Seriously, thank you all... you're all amazing. 

I SWEAR finding this group on IG has been a huge saving grace over the last few months. Prior to finding this amazing support group, I was reading helpful books, talking to friends and family, and reading blogs online. All of these were great and helpful (still are) and are what got me to be more open. Taking it a step further and finding these new friends is what pushed me to finally start my blog, follow them, and get involved with sending care packages and cards. I've been less stressed on the infertility front because I have lots of support and people to go to instantly for advice or encouragement... people who have been through it and are going through it. So I feel blessed really to have met these wonderful people. So thank you, infertility. You suck, but if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have new friends in Australia, Colorado, Minnesota, Texas, North Carolina, Indiana, Illinois,  Louisiana, Niagara Falls, Florida, and other places. You ladies rock, thank you!! <3 


(All pics in this post were gifts and cards I received from these amazing gals! <3 <3)


  1. I agree with you totally on this! People outside of the IF community look at me like I'm strange when I say I've made ttc friends in IG! I guess it's something you would only understand if you were in this situation. Each and every person that I have met on IG (in the infertility circle) has been a blessing in one way or another to me and I am so thankful that I have these ladies in my life right now! Great post welldone :) xxxx

  2. Love this post! It's so true - even my hubby is like "IG again?" But it's such an amazing support system and you girls are the best! Xoxo