Thursday, June 6, 2013

Taken Hostage by My Busy Life

Hi everyone! Sorry I have been MIA for the last few weeks; school (my job) has taken over my life and I don't see any hope of truly coming up for air until the school year is done (June 21 is the last day). So here are some updates on what's been going on...

Scott is all better from surgery! (YAY!!) His recovery was actually really smooth as far as I could tell! Let's see, surgery was on Friday, May 10th, and he went back to work the following Wednesday. All weekend he was camped out on the super comfy recliner with an ice pack attached to him at all times. It was kind of a fun weekend helping him around and taking care of him. We used it as an excuse to pig out on junk food (just for recovery reasons; a good excuse in my mind! Wink, Wink) and order takeout. The Dr. called Scott personally on Saturday morning to check in on how he was feeling (again, really impressed by this guy, but they say you get what you pay for and it's def not a cheap practice but it's worth it!). Close fam friends of ours (Alli, Steve, & Caroline) came over Saturday to visit and bought lunch, and then on Sunday Scott and I walked around the Christmas Tree Shop for something to do. The Dr. didn't want him to just sit and do nothing all weekend, so we took a short outing. I felt bad going back to work on Monday because I had to leave him at home alone (he was fine and more mobile each day, but it was nice being together the whole weekend for a change of pace). There was definitely some discomfort for a few days but now fast-forward 3 weeks and he's totally back to normal. The only difference is some icky incision scars~ bleh! So now we just wait, and wait, and wait... but we get to totally enjoy the summer in the meantime and I'm totally okay with that little blessing!! :) 

Hmm, what else? School has taken over my life. The end of the school year is so busy, we all feel  like chickens with our heads cut off. The kids are mentally checked out and are so excited for summer (rightfully so, I am too!), we have rounds of mandatory testing to complete by this week and next, we all had to have one more observation by administration (unannounced walk-in), report cards are due soon, our teaching assignments for next year were announced (a few of us are switching grade levels because we are such a small district and numbers in each grade change each year), organizing class parties, filling out forms, completing supply orders for next year, etc. That might not seem like a lot and you might say you don't care because I have 2 months off~ yes, true, but it doesn't change the hectic buzz going on in the building. Also, I'll be spending about 2-3 weeks working over the summer anyway. I signed up for a workshop the week after school gets out, I have to pack up my room and move to a different classroom upstairs, and then return to that new classroom once it's cleaned to unpack, organize, and set it up for my new placement next year. Not to mention all the prep work at home, too. So it's really never a full 2 months off from work, it's just 2 months without the kids. I mentally need this break too. By this time, everyone is so frazzled and needs to recharge. 11 school days and counting... I'll miss the fun conversations with my students each morning and their smiling faces; 1st graders can be so fun/funny to talk to! They really amaze me with their creativity and crack me up with their jokes/stories sometimes. They're so social. Plus, I had 1/2 of them in K last year, so it's been really wonderful to see how they've changed and grown since September 2011. Wow. I will miss them but they'll be right down the hall next year. :)

Speaking of summer, I'm excited to get away for 2 vacations this year! Scott, Brian, & I are taking a road trip down to Myrtle Beach to stay at their parents' new vacation home. We're excited  since we've never been there and haven't done a road trip outside of NY. I think it'll be fun. We are looking up all the fun restaurants and things to do there and I know I'm going to gain like 5-10 pounds just from all the great food (we are SUCH foodies and yummy drink fans) that I'm trying to lose a few before we go. Ha, easier said than done! Aside from MB, we'll be headed back to Disney again in August (practically our home away from home!) and I decided to go down a week earlier to stay at my mom's in New Smyrna Beach, FL and visit other family (my brother & his gang, Nanny, aunts/uncles, etc) while there, too. 

There's always so much to do and I'm so tired and worn out by the time I get home that I usually end up crashing on the couch or falling asleep earlier than normal lately. I've been neglecting my Instagram family (sorry gals, I'll be back soon!) and have been trying to just focus on what I really need to get done first. Technically blogging isn't on my "must-do" list but I was behind and I accidentally missed Piloxing class tonight because I thought it was at 6:30 instead of 6:00 (sorry, Jess!) and Scott is getting out later than expected tonight, soooooo I ended up with time to blog a little.

Sorry for the boring rant, lots to complain about and I feel stupid for complaining. I have a great job that I am super thankful for. It's just a busy and stressful time, and unfortunately most people do not realize it unless they work in a school. It's just too crazy to explain accurately in words.

Ok, done with this post and planning to dedicate the next one solely to the IG (Instagram) kindness and support I have found with our IF (infertility) struggle. Thanks for reading (or not, I only have 6 followers so it's hard to tell if people are reading or not). :) xo

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