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Bumpdate~ Weeks 17 & 18

I thought there was somewhat of a delay in posting these past 2 weeks, but since I'm going off the theme of every 2 weeks at the moment, I'm not too far behind. ;)

I AM behind on the gender reveal (although most of you already know via word of mouth and/or our Instagram posts) and for that I'm sorry!! This weekend is a double-poster, though, so expect a specific gender reveal post after this, even though I'll talk about it a little in Week 18 below. Ok here's the bump update (Bumpdate) on Weeks 17 & 18!

Week 17: (February 17-23)

Me this week-
A fun fact is that we hit the 17 week mark on the 17th of February. :)

Week 17 came and went pretty quickly and honestly wasn't too eventful for us. I can't even remember many things that were fun or worth mentioning except for the captions below. So lucky you, a pretty short post for this week! ;)

Headaches seem to be less frequent, thankfully. I was getting them often in the 1st trimester and they were pretty annoying and painful since Tylenol is all I can take and it honestly doesn't work well for me. Some were borderline migraines so I'm happy those are less and less!!

A new thing that popped up recently again is tailbone pain. Mostly at night, my tailbone started to hurt so much at the end of week 17/beginning of week 18. It was especially painful getting in/out of bed and/or changing sleeping positions. I finally broke out the full length body pillow I borrowed from Alli and it helped a bit. I found that the only thing that really made it semi better was stretching. Cat/Cow and child's pose yoga positions helped the best but sometimes sitting/standing was not fun. Some peopl suggested it might be sciatica but it never went down my leg, it was always the same spot, literally my tailbone. We read that it can be common in pregnancy as things stretch and move, and/or Bee could be lodged in that area and adding pressure at night. Also something about a hormone called relaxin that plays a big part in pregnancy and things shifting or aching. I think I got a nice leg cramp in the middle of the night this week too. I was able to stretch it immediately and stop it before it got bad. I honestly laugh at these things now because I know it's all from Bee and so it just makes me smile. Par for the course and I'm thankful to be on it. <3

We had GORGEOUS weather over the weekend!! For February it was near 60, but still pretty breezy. I was determined to sit out on the porch and soak up some sunshine. I was happy when Scott joined me for a bit. I don't think I've EVER sat outside like this in February... it's been a mild winter at times and we are super lucky for that!

I started prep for our family gender reveal party. Pinterest & Social media rock for party ideas and I was collecting tons of fun ideas for the party to have a pink/blue themed sweet treats table. I decorated little fun size Hershey bars with Sharpies so it would represent both pink and blue. :)

Bee this week-
Some baby stats & facts on week 17...

Bee is as big as an onion!
Rubbery cartilage is now turning to bone.
Baby's putting on some fat.
The umbilical cord is growing stronger and thicker.

Just a cute bee deco I had for Valentine's Day :)

Week 18: (February 24- March 1)

Me this week-
18 weeks was SOOO much fun for us because we knew we would finally get to see Bee again at our anatomy scan!! We were also hoping to find out the sex because we had a family gender reveal party planned for the following day and kinda needed to know. Nothing like adding pressure on our sweet baby! Whoops! Excitement was overflowing in the house that week. We thought for sure the week would draaaaag on and it honestly didn't so much. My mom came to visit on the 25th and our appointment was on the 26th, and those days both showed up before we knew it!

My tailbone pain was still in full effect (again mostly at night) during the week this week, but finally started to get better by the weekend. I think another key to keeping it at bay is being active and not just sitting or laying doing nothing on the weekends or whatnot. Also no more laying on my back (at least not for long periods of time) because it just tends to tighten everything up too much. I felt like a 90-year old the first night it was bad while trying to climb the stairs and get ready for bed. Luckily it's been a lot better since. I think Scott had a talk with Bee to stop hurting Mama. hahah :) Either way, it is what it is and I've been lucky so far and am still loving every day of this pregnancy!! I've waited and dreamt of this for so long and am thankful for every bit of the experience to the max.

My mom flew in on Thursday, 2/25, and I lost it and started crying the second I saw her at the airport. She hasn't seen me pregnant since she lives in Florida (other than pics obv) so that was a fun moment. I'm sure people around us were probably confused by what was going on because we got a few confused looks but whatever. Grandma meets Baby Bump was cute. :) 

Last pic of life before we knew if we were having a boy or a girl! <3 :)

Finally our appointment for the anatomy scan showed up, Friday 2/26. We were super excited and anxious all at once. I stopped at the Subway in the lobby to get a soda prior to the appt because I heard it would help the baby move around enough so we could get a good shot of whether we had a He or a She. When we were asked if we wanted to know the sex of the baby, we immediately said yes and that we kind of needed to ensure we knew at that appointment because of our party. The nurse and ultrasound tech both asked, and both laughed. I joked and said whatever tips the tech had in order to find out which we had, I would do (jumping jacks, stand on my head, dance, more soda, whatever!). Of course my main priority was that Bee was okay but we were assured of course he/she was! 

Now time for the ultrasound... and literally within seconds, the ultrasound tech says something like "Well... that certainly looks like a scrotum!! It looks like you've got yourself a baby boy!" Bee was laying upside down so his little hiney and boyhood were RIGHT THERE for the opening number. Ha!! The tech wanted to be sure and was able to confirm it more throughout the rest of the scan. Too funny!! Also the soda apparently worked wonders because our little dude was moving all over the place and the tech kept calling him a ninja! She was so funny and I tried so hard not to laugh too much and mess up her movements/measurements. We were able to see pretty much everything and it was so darn cool!! 

Here are some snapshots from the scan. We only got 4 2D pics and 2 were blurry (because our little ninja was putting on a show!) or we didn't know how to look at it (the pic showing Bee is a boy! LOL... I have seen some clear ultrasound pics and I know how to identify different things in those but in ours I have no idea what we are looking at but it says "I'm a boy"! 

These 2 are easier to figure out. :) 

Two little feet (sideways)...

Bee laying face down. You can clearly see his spine and his head is in the bottom right. :)

After the tech did her scan, the Dr. came in to go over everything. This wasn't with our regular Dr but with the high-risk Dr. Even though everything is progressing normally and I'm not technically in the high-risk category, IVF tags us and automatically puts us on his list. Honestly though we joked and said it was VIP treatment because this guy is so cool and we've met him briefly a few times and already really like him. I read that IVF babies can have a 1% increase in heart problems so they do a more in-depth fetal echo cardiogram around 22 weeks, which we will repeat with him instead of radiology. At that scan they'll also do another anatomy scan just for their protocol. Fine by us! :) Super fun! 

We told the Dr we did't get a great profile pic because Bee was jumping around after the soda I drank but that we were happy to know if he was a he or a she! The Dr. switched it to 3D for a min and we were then able to see Bee's head, clear as day!! He printed out one quick pic and for that I'm so grateful! I always thought eh 3D scans were a bit creepy and I didn't want one, but seeing it in color, in the moment, and knowing it's our baby, it was the cutest thing! 

It's probably hard to see but Bee is laying with his arm in front to the side of his face (just right of center). The bottom is his belly and I think at least one leg is bent up/in. Not offended if you don't see it, we can and for that I'm happy and so in love with our little munchkin already!! 

After the appointment (which was way quicker than I expected, by the way; It only last about 20 mins maybe??), we grabbed some dinner at a local tapas place we hadn't discovered yet and LOVED it! It's in the area where we hope to move to soon so it was fun to celebrate fun news at a fun new place. I begged the bartender for some kind of fun fruity mocktail and Scott had some fun craft beer. TGIF... and we're having a son!! :) 

We equally represented pink/blue that day since we didn't know what we were having until the appointment. Keeping it a secret that night was a HUGE difficulty!! I was texting a bunch of friends that all went well, that we were able to find out (I was worried since I heard stories sometimes it's too hard to tell if baby is positioned a certain way) and it was so hard to make sure I didn't type "he" or "him" while talking about Bee! I was shocked how all along I wasn't saying any gender-specific pronoun and all of a sudden I couldn't think of any other word! We definitely almost slipped a few times in different ways. Making it to the party would be tricky but had to do it! :)

Finally gender reveal day arrived!! We had about 15 people come to the house that day between immediate families and our closest friends. We had company Friday night as well and anytime the topic of conversation went to babies I would try to steer it somewhere else in fear of spilling the beans. It was so hard! I was SOOOOO excited to share!

I don't know about Scott but I got quite a few Qs this week of whether I wanted a boy or a girl. Our answer was always that it didn't mater and we just wanted a healthy baby. That is 100% true and I still stick to it. I am not upset that we don't have a girl and I wouldn't have been upset if we didn't have a boy. We just wanted a baby! And both are equally exciting, it's just a matter of what path that excitement takes: Excitement of boy stuff or girl stuff? Sports, dirt, blues, and cars.... or tutus, princesses, pink, and glitter. No difference here, just so thrilled to have a baby on board!!

 Party day!! :) 

We're having a BOY!!! <3

Bee this week-
Some stats & fun facts for Week 18...

Bee has grown to the size of a sweet potato! :)
By now, Bee is yawning, hiccuping, sucking, and swallowing... Awww <3
Bee is also moving around A LOT!! Movements like rolling, twisting, punching, and kicking have started, although not noticeable by me just yet.

We were able to find out Bee's sex this week at our anatomy scan....

Baby Bee is a sweet little BOY!!! :)

 These cupcakes are from my FAV cupcake place, Moxie Cup, in New Paltz NY. I am not usually a fan of cakes/cupcakes/frosting but I LOVE theirs. They agreed to make gender cupcakes for us and after our Dr appt we called to tell them to make the filling blue (see pic below of middle of cupcake). 

Sweet Baby Boy, we love you so much!! 

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