Friday, May 10, 2013

Surgery Day!

We were up bright and early at 4:45 this morning for Scott's surgery!! . We had to be at White Plains hospital really early and luckily Dad lives 10 mins away (it's an hour and 15 from home), so we had a sleepover at Dad's to make the morning process easier... The surgery was scheduled for 7:30 and he was wheeled in right around the , so we were right on schedule! It's supposed to take about 2 hours or so, so we will be home later today.

Scott's getting varicocele surgery today (you can Google it if you're really interested so I'll spare you the fun & crazy details), and this is the next step on our path down the road of infertility. Dr. Werner (Scott's reproductive urologist) is amazing, so we know Scott is in good hands today!

Sporting one of my fav shirts today, "My husband rocks"... One of the best ways I thought I could show support. :) Dad took this pic and said "You're documenting your first step in baby making!"....We laughed and said "Well, for us it is!" Ha, you HAVE to have some humor while undergoing serious things. 

All of the staff was nice and friendly this morning. We were among the first people to arrive at the hospital since it was so early, and Scott kept smelling coffee. He wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything after 11 last night, and he loves coffee, so he kept joking with all of the staff because it's all he wanted and we kept smelling it!

Having the first scheduled surgery time is pretty nice because they were right on schedule for everything. The anesthesiologist was a funny guy too and told Scott he would be his personal bartender for the day; the IV was a nice white wine, and the happy drugs were a vintage 2013 bottle from the wine cellar just for today. Lol. He had us laughing and said our Dr was his urologist as well and did IVF also! I knew that was a good sign for us. :) Being present for the IV setup was creeping me out (I am NOT good around needles, even though it wasnt me- I kept shaking my foot and staring at the wall. Blah!!). So then they told me to give him a hug and a kiss goodbye (3 for good luck because that's our thing), I said "see ya later, alligator!", and they wheeled off down the hall.. I'm sure Scott knocked out prob seconds later.... It's just about 2 hours since they said he started, so it shouldn't be too much longer now until he is in recovery... Then we can head home and relax for the weekend. From here, we have to wait 4-6 months before taking the next step to proceeding with IVF. Hopefully the surgery will help get sperm production going, then in Sept & Nov we have to check and see if there are any recruits for a swim team! (Haha- best way I can put it in funny terms, sorry!) So after today, we sit back and relax for the summer because it's out of our hands at this point! But we are on the right path! :) 

One step at a time!

After today, Scoot's not supposed to carry more than 10 pounds for like 2 weeks. So this was the last he could do for a while, carrying my stuff upstairs to Dad's last night... Hehe

Dr. Werner came out to the waiting room himself to let me know everything went well and Scott was doing great. I got to go in and check on him in recovery for a bit and he will be good to go home soon. Because I am such a dork and we wanted to document all the big pieces of our journey, Dr Werner agreed to take a pic with me to celebrate one more hurdle! (Ignore the cheesy-face, I was very appreciative and happy we are done with this step!) Luckily, he was a good sport, too!! :)

Here's to lots of good vibes and some swimmers in the fall!! :) 

Xoxo <3

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